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Diversity EOE 3

We're excited to share our new Eye on Equity resources with you! This is a new section of our website that includes equity resources for educators of all types. Eye on Equity features equity-focused lesson plans, events, and featured educators. There's also a historical calendar to mark important historical dates as well as upcoming current events. You can also find helpful articles, videos, and recommended books for students.

Eye on Equity is a resource designed, populated, and inspired by the passionate commitment of OEA members to center equity and transform our practice, learning environments, union, and communities. It will serve as a landing pad for resources and reflection that center equity and unpack all beliefs, behaviors, narratives, and systems that perpetuate marginalization, oppression, and supremacy. We seek to embrace the true history and pluralism that has always been in front of us and to nurture and provide a space that has a powerful impact on your work and life.

Do you have resources or ideas to share for Eye on Equity? Did you try one of the lesson plans and want to share your experience with other OEA members? Reach out to OEA staff member with your ideas.

To access the Eye on Equity resources, look for the Eye on Equity tab at the top of