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Niels Pasternak is a Student Services Department TOSA and Autism Consultant in Eugene School District 4J and he believes in the core values of Compassion, Responsibility, Optimism, and Inclusion. He currently serves students in eight different middle schools, The Fox Hollow Instructional Center, and the Eugene Online Academy. Niels is the father of two children and has primarily worked as a licensed special educator serving students with moderate to profound impacts from their disabilities for over 16 years. He currently works for OEA as an Equity Sparks Facilitator and a coach for the Educator Empowerment Academy and is teaching a graduate class for Pacific University. Niels is the Chair of the OEA Special Education Committee, a state delegate for the OEA and NEA Representative Assemblies, a member of the Western Regional Education Networks Coordinating Body and Cabinet, and he has taught multiple classes at OEA conferences.