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Dena has been working in education for over 25 years as a teacher, college instructor, librarian, and in early childhood. Her education and passions have always been been tied to the multiple narratives of history and cultures in our country and around the world. She strives to have a strong voice for equity and systemic change in education and teaching. Dena completed her PhD in Educational Leadership while raising her 4 multi-racial children on her own and while serving as a guest teacher in K-12, a special education teacher, a Kindergarten teacher, and a 2nd grade teacher. Her current school district is in Eugene and she has also taught and worked in Portland, Oregon and South Bend, Indiana. Her interests include backpacking, hiking, water activities, cooking, home DIY projects, traveling, making new friends, and learning outdoor and crafting skills.

Dena has facilitated the Planting the Seeds for Equity K-2 book study.