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Lesson Plans

Constructively Engaging in Digital Communities

This Learning for Justice lesson will introduce students to the need for practicing inclusivity and empathy when engaged in digital communication. Grades 9-12

Freedom Song

Resources for unpacking the film Freedom Song about the story of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), a grass roots effort of young people that…

Speak Up in School

"Many of the questions we receive are from educators seeking advice about how to respond when someone—a student, a colleague, even a parent—uses biased language…

Cliques in Schools

In this lesson from Learning for Justice, students will examine the cliques within their school community. They will also explore ways to integrate the student…

Showing Empathy

This lesson from Learning for Justice has students practice ways to be more understanding and reflect on the effects of empathetic listening. Grades 6-8

Sounds of Change

This lesson challenges students to analyze and to reflect on messages presented in songs — and to express their own views about important issues addressed…