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Sunday, December 25, 2022

Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus.

  • Let the Faithful Come by Zetta Elliott (Author) and Charity Russell (Illustrator) - This lyrical retelling of the traditional Christmas story serves as a plea for greater compassion and unity in our contemporary world. Peace and goodwill are values celebrated during the holidays, but they should also be applied to the daily struggle of those traveling over land and sea in search of hope and sanctuary. This simple nativity narrative urges readers to recognize the value of every child, and to respect our shared responsibility for all the members of our global community.
  • The Christmas Gift: El regalo de Navidad by Francisco Jiménez (Author) and Claire B. Cotts (Illustrator) - With honesty and rare grace, award-winning author Francisco Jiménez shares his most poignant Christmas memory in this remarkable book. Illustrated with paintings full of strength and warmth, written in spare bilingual text, this simple story celebrates the true spirit of Christmas, and illuminates how children do indeed draw strength from the bonds of their families.