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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Wallace Henry Thurman, editor, playwright, and author, born (1902-1934). Thurman, who was active during the Harlem Renaissance, a movement he initially admired, but later came to disdain, started his career in New York as editor of The Messenger, a socialist journal that targeted a Black audience. Thurman also wrote a play entitled Harlem: A Melodrama of Negro Life in Harlem, which briefly appeared on Broadway, and published several novels, including The Blacker the Berry, a fictional story about racism and colorism.

  • Video: The (Gay) Harlem Renaissance: The History You Didn’t Learn, a short video by TIME. Acknowledging the queer culture and nightlife of the Harlem Renaissance is essential in order to paint a full picture of the time – and to show that there was a thriving LGBTQ+ scene in New York City that long predated the 1969 Stonewall uprising. This 5-minute video looks back at the overlooked queer artists and writers of the Harlem Renaissance.