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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Birthday in 1901 of Anfesia Shapsnikoff, Aleut leader and educator who lived in Unalaska, where she was a nurse, teacher, weaver, church, and community leader who supervised the burial of native treasures, fearing their loss during WWII. She was a vocal critic of the US Military presence in Unalaska, citing their disrespect and care of the land, people, and waters.

  • Anchorage Museum: Women of the North Profiles
  • Seasons of Alaska Board Books: Let’s Play Out!, Button Up!, Mittens and Mukluks! & Bye-Bye Ice! by Yaari Toolie-Walker, Angela Y. Gonzales, Joni Spiess & Carla Snow (Authors). Four board books about each of the seasons in Alaska written by Indigenous authors, including information about the Alaskan Indigenous peoples.