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Thursday, January 5, 2023

After a White woman wrongfully accused Jesse Hunter, a Black man, of assault in 1923, local White men launched a manhunt and lynched another Black man, Sam Carter, for allegedly assisting Hunter’s escape. After several nights of tension and violence between the Black and White residents of Rosewood, FL, on January 5th, a mob of 200-300 White men went on a rampage, killing 30-40 Black men, women, and children and burned the town to the ground.

Rosewood Heritage and VR Project: This website explores the history of Rosewood, FL, a majority African American town destroyed in a 1923 race riot. Black feminist thought and intersectionality guide the interpretive aspects of the project. This includes discussing the ways interpersonal, structural, and symbolic violence connect historical events such as race riots to modern forms of social inequality in the US. This website includes lesson plans for high school, updated 3D/VR experiences, and an hour-long PBS documentary.