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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

After the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed earlier the same year, the 1882 Immigration Act added more people to the list of those to be excluded from immigration to the US, such as persons likely to become a “public charge” and those with mental health challenges. New York and Massachusetts had already enacted laws targeting poor immigrants. The public charge proviso was aimed primarily at single women, who were largely refused entry.

  • Becoming American: The Chinese Experience, PBS curriculum and documentary. This documentary describes the ways the first arrivals from China in the 1840s, their descendants, and recent immigrants have “become American.” Facing History offers a teaching unit to accompany the film.
  • Landed, by Milly Lee. Landed tells the story of Sun, a young Chinese man who emigrates to America during the age of the Chinese Exclusion Act. Lee based the story on that of her father-in-law, and provides useful historical background information.