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Sunday, September 4, 2022

This day in 1921 marks the end of fighting at the Battle of Blair Mountain, which was the largest example of class war in U.S. history. It was fought over the course of five days in 1921 by 10,000 coalminers. The coalminers were rebelling against inhumane conditions in the West Virginia coalfields which led the nation in mine fatalities.

  • Zinn Education Project article: Sept. 4, 1921: Battle of Blair Mountain Ends
  • The Battle of Blair Mountain - West Virginia Coal Wars I THE GREAT WAR 1921. In the aftermath of the American economic downturn after the First World War in certain industries, the labor movement escalated into strikes across the country. This was also true in West Virginia where unions and coal mine owners had already clashed before the war. With the Matewan Massacre and the Battle for Blair Mountain this struggle reached a violent climax in which WW1 veterans were going against hired security - and even the federal army had to be called in.