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Sunday, January 29, 2023

In 1863, US volunteer soldiers attacked a Shoshoni village on the pretext that they had attacked White settlers in the area. In fact, the settlers had stolen all the land and water from the tribe. Initially the destitute Shoshoni were able to hold off the soldiers, but the battle soon devolved into a massacre with mostly unarmed men, women, and children slaughtered. The Shoshoni death toll has been estimated at 300-400 with 14 US soldiers lost.

Northwestern Shoshoni Fish Song, lesson plan from the BYU School of Education in partnership with and approved by the Northwestern Band of the Shoshoni Nation Cultural Specialist, Patty Timbimboo-Madsen and Paula Watkins, library consultant to the tribal nation. Especially great lesson for music teachers. Note: special permission was granted for non-Shoshoni children to sing this song.