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Jan 1

Jan 1

7th Day of Kwanzaa

Jan 1

Jan 1

Ellis Island Immigration Center Anniversary

Jan 3

Jan 3

Anniversary of Tammy Duckworth’s election to Congress

Jan 3

Anniversary of the arrival of Chinese laborers in Hawaii

Jan 4

World Braille Day

Jan 5

Anniversary of the Rosewood Massacre

Jan 7

Sadako Sasaki born in 1943

Jan 8

“The Longest Walk”

Jan 8

1811 Slave Revolt

Jan 11

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Jan 11

Anniversary of the Bread and Roses Strike

Jan 16

Religious Freedom Day

Jan 17

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan 18

Anniversary of the first Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto

Jan 20

ACLU Anniversary

Jan 21

President's Day

Jan 22

Jan 25

First Black woman elected to Congress

Jan 26

Bessie Coleman Born Today

Jan 26

Birth of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Jan 27

UNESCO Holocaust Memorial Day

Jan 29

Anniversary of the Bear River Massacre