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In this book study, participants will learn about trauma and trauma informed practices by discussing What Happened to You? Conversations About Trauma, Resilience and Healing by Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey.

From the publisher’s website:

Our earliest experiences shape our lives far down the road, and “What Happened to You?” provides powerful scientific and emotional insights into the behavioral patterns so many of us struggle to understand. Through deeply personal conversations, Oprah Winfrey and renowned brain and trauma expert Dr. Bruce Perry offer a groundbreaking and profound shift from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?”.

Participants are responsible for providing their own book.

Level: Foundational/Intermediate

Cost: Members: $0, free as a benefit of membership; Non-members: $75.

Dates and Times: Feb. 7-March 18. Live sessions (6) on Mondays at 5 p.m.