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This workshop utilizes straightforward language and hands-on activities to guide participants in developing new tools for self-regulating during times of stress. Beginning with a simple art making exercise, participants will illustrate their typical stress reaction. This will be followed by an overview of how our brains identify stressful events and signal our bodies to respond on our behalf. Harnessing the body's wisdom, we will conclude by using "bottom up" processing techniques in the form of basic yoga exercises to calm our minds and better respond to stressful challenges. This is an experiential workshop and many of the activities can easily be adapted for the classroom. Participants who would like to enhance their experience are encouraged to bring a handful of colored pens/markers and a tennis (or similar sized) ball, although these are not necessary to benefit from this workshop.

Presenter: Christina Salter, Lane Community College

Closed captions will be provided. One PDU is available for live attendance or viewing the recording (recording is only available to OEA members).

Level: Foundational/Intermediate
Date and time: Tuesday, April 11 from 4:00-5:00 p.m.
Cost: $0