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Join in community with other members to discuss Teaching for Black Lives, a Rethinking Schools publication. From the publisher’s website: “Teaching for Black Lives grows directly out of the movement for Black lives. We recognize that anti-Black racism constructs Black people, and Blackness generally, as not counting as human life. Throughout this book, we provide resources and demonstrate how teachers connect curriculum to young people’s lives and root their concerns and daily experiences in what is taught and how classrooms are set up. We also highlight the hope and beauty of student activism and collective action.

Participants will be provided with the book. Learners who attend two or fewer live sessions will be required to return the book to OEA.

  • Level: Foundational/Intermediate/Advanced
  • Dates and Times: June 20-July 25. Live sessions (5) on Mondays at 9 a.m.
  • Cost: Members: $0, free as a benefit of membership; Non-members: $75