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Want to feel more confident in your ethnic studies practice? Teach in Lane, Lincoln, Linn, or Benton counties? A group of K-12 teachers will be coached and supported through the development of 1-2 classroom activities, lesson plans, or unit plans that align closely with ethnic studies pedagogy. Teachers specializing in all subject areas are encouraged to apply. Whole group synchronous sessions over Zoom to receive guidance on building curriculum through an ethnic studies framework will be punctuated by individual coaching/support sessions for each participant. By the end of this VLC, each participant will have something to share with the larger community of practice and use in their classroom this year or next. To share their work more broadly, participants can make their work available through the Open Education Resources network and have it promoted by the Western Regional Educator Network (WREN) and Oregon Education Association (OEA).

Dates and Times: May 6 – June 10 with live sessions tentatively scheduled for 4:45-6:00pm on the following Fridays: May 6, May 20, May 27, and June 10. Coaching/support sessions will be planned more flexibly.

Time commitment
: Participants can expect to complete 12 to 16 hours of work for this project, including attendance at VLC and coaching/support sessions. Approximately, the breakdown will be 4-6 hours in whole group and coaching synchronous sessions, and 6-8 hours independently creating materials.

Additional Details: Participants who successfully complete the required work in this VLC will be eligible to receive an $800 stipend. OEA members in this VLC will be eligible for a $50 Ethnic Studies text reimbursement upon successful completion of the VLC.

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