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THIS EVENT IS POSTPONED AND WILL BE RESCHEDULED. The Oregon Education Association is proud to sponsor a powerful and profound opportunity to reflect, learn and connect across racial/cultural difference and within racial/cultural affinity in our March 14, 2020, White-Allyship Symposium to be held at the Monarch Hotel in Clackamas. Participants will critically reflect on what it means to be a white ally or a person of color engaged in collaborative racial equity work. The Oregon Center for Educational Equity will be facilitating this incredible day of learning and building community. We are calling our Symposium theme Courageous Humility in Education because taking the blinders off and working together to remove barriers is humble and noble work that takes courageous human-centered belief in the power of relationships and personal growth. Educators care about equality for all students, and in order to get there, we must bridge our different experiences in this racialized society in order to deconstruct it.

There aren’t many opportunities like this to build our skills to do racial equity work in groups that help us reflect on our lived experiences culturally, socially and as individuals. How can we understand and move past the unconscious and conscious detours that get in the way of deconstructing racism and interrupting racist behaviors and systems? How can we understand, name and overcome the barriers that get in the way of a strong, trusted cross-cultural partnership?

We invite you to join us for this very exciting day in any of these configurations:

  • Ally partnership pairs (person of color with a trusted white ally partner) who want to learn and grow together.
  • White ally singleton who wants to reflect, build and bridge with others.
  • Person of color singleton who wants to reflect, build and bridge with others.

Registration is full. Register for the wait list at this link

Join us and build our community of change.