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Demystifying Special Education Part 1: IEP Process & Your Role

This webinar is part of the OEA Special Education Committee’s “Special Education Awareness” campaign.

Learn the basics of serving students with IEPs: individualized education plans, the IEP process, and your role & responsibilities in educating children with special needs. Learn a general timeline of the year, how to read an IEP, how students are found eligible for services, and answers to other questions you might have. This session will also provide many tips, tricks and tools of educating a student with a disability in your classroom. The session is created and facilitated by OEA member experts Sandra Walk, School Psychologist, Canby EA and Venus Reeve, Special Education Teacher, Eugene EA. Both serve on the OEA Special Education Committee.

Level: Foundational

  • Thursday, April 29 from 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Part two is on May 13.