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This session can also be attended virtually from 9am-2pm.

The Academy is designed to build participants’ knowledge and skills to support union, school, or district teams as they tackle specific problems in their own context. Using OEA’s Empowerment Process, Academy participants will:

  • Deepen their understanding of the principles and mindsets of continuous improvement, community-based organizing, and human-centered design, while learning ways to operationalize and center equity, attending to dynamics of race, culture, class, and power.

  • Learn how to effectively coach others to:
    • Frequently and authentically collect and design with a human-centered approach

    • See the system that is causing problems and to find system-based improvement ideas

    • Implement continuous improvement cycles that start with high quality improvement ideas and follow a meaningful plan-do-study-act cycle

    • Use the collective tools and processes of OEA’s Empowerment Process

  • Increase facilitation, coaching, and leadership skills to work with diverse groups of adults

  • Be prepared to facilitate teams through an entire OEA Empowerment journey
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