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In this 8-week intermediate VLC, participants will begin to apply the guiding principles of trauma informed education in their classrooms. Educators will also learn more about how to create strong classroom communities, integrate social and emotional learning competencies, and approach behavior management through prevention. Participants will also continue their dive into brain science and learn more about how trauma impacts the brain and how trauma informed practices can help the brain become more resilient. This is an ideal learning experience for participants who completed the Becoming a Trauma Aware Educator VLC or who have engaged in other sustained foundational professional learning. Participants will also build a sense of community as educators.

This VLC is available at no additional charge to all current OEA members. Most participation is asynchronous and can be completed at your convenience over the 8 weeks. To be successful in this VLC, plan on participating at least two to three hours a week. There will be live sessions once a week for lecture and discussion. Live sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend. Participants can earn PDUs or apply for one graduate credit from Western Oregon University.

Level: Intermediate
Cost: Members: $0, free as a benefit of membership; Non-members:$200