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Passion Led Us Here

What is an affinity space?

An affinity group provides a “safe brave space” in which its members can explore issues of shared identity and experience and affirm their emotional and intellectual responses to being part of a distinct sub-set of the community. Here are some of our affinity spaces and we're often adding new ones.

BIPOC Affinity Spaces

Are you an OEA member who is also a Black, Indigenous, Person of Color (BIPOC)? Are you wanting to explore all the many ways OEA is providing BIPOC affinity engagement that help our BIPOC members to find support, leadership, learning, networking, community, advocacy, inclusion, empowerment, adventure, healing and growth? Fill out this easy form to get more detailed info on our Equity SPARKS program and more.

New Educators of Oregon (NEON)

Are you new to the profession? Looking for communal support with fellow new educators? The New Educators of Oregon Network (NEON) is a two-year program designed by and for Early Career Educators in their first five years of the profession with an emphasis on those in their first three years.

Apply for the cohort now! Past cohorts have focused on self-care, equity conversations, setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, accessing union support, high quality communication skills, access to high quality professional learning including PDUs and Graduate credits through OEA book studies and other opportunities. The NEON cohort has 3-4 convenings each academic year. Apply for the cohort now! Cohorts are finalized in September of each year. Please email with additional questions.