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Crowd of people in red t-shirts holding signs for the Red for Ed campaign for school funding

Oregon’s educators are deeply committed to helping all students achieve and reach their fullest potential. OEA is committed to establishing OEA members as the driving force for education and professional excellence, quality teaching and learning, and innovation throughout the state. High-quality professional learning helps educators improve how they support students, is rooted in collaboration between educators, and is relevant to the work educators do each and every day. OEA offers a wide range of learning opportunities for members to increase their knowledge and skills across a variety of content areas. Member-led professional learning also builds community among educators across Oregon. For educators who prefer independent study, OEA supports micro-credential learning and self-paced modules. OEA offers all of these opportunities to active members as a benefit of your union membership. Questions? Email

Most of our current professional learning opportunities focus on one of the following content areas:

Safe, Welcoming, & Inclusive Schools: In response to educators’ concerns about safe, welcoming, and inclusive schools (summarized in the report, A Crisis of Disrupted Learning), OEA provides professional learning to support you in creating school and classroom environments that are safe and successful for both students and educators.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice: Professional learning aimed to reduce disparities in our classrooms and schools, advance equity in the profession, build community, and support educators who are growing their equity mindset.

Distance Learning: Opportunities and resources to support you in delivering distance, hybrid, and hyflex learning.

Academies: Year-long cohort opportunities for deep learning, skill development, local implementation, and development of leadership skills.

National Board Certification: These opportunities provide National Board candidates with important information about the certification process and give educators an understanding of the 5 Core Propositions that were developed by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

Licensure & Evaluation: Workshops and consultations that give you detailed guidance and overview of Oregon teacher licensure, processes, and rules.

Quality Assessment Practices: Quality classroom assessment practices help you to renew a focus on day-to-day, minute-by-minute learning that improves student outcomes.